Smart Step Nosings

Smart Step Rubber Tread Options

Stairwells are the #1 trip hazard in every building. Selecting the correct nosing can reduce the chance of accidents, injury and unnecessary cost.

All Smart Step Rubber Treads are made from super high-quality commercial grade rubber.

Raised Round Tread available in all 4 nosing options. Please note: Hammered finish ONLY available with square nosing. Click image for larger view.

Standard Square Nose

  • Built-in ridges aid shoe grip to reduce chance of slipping
  • Perfect for all commercial applications
  • Raised round or hammered pattern

Photoluminescent Emergency Egress Nose

  • Lights up when stairwell becomes dark
  • Allows pathway to the outside in emergency situation
  • Raised round pattern only

Visually Impaired Nose

  • Transitional surface provides tactical warning of each step
  • High-visibility strip gives additional visual warning
  • Raised round pattern only

Tactile Grip Nose

  • Added tactile grip strip reduces potential slipping
  • Robust design for heavy foot traffic
  • Raised round pattern only